Pascal Uebelhart Jazz Ensemble




Coloured Dream

Pascal Uebelhart's own international Jazz ensemble is featured on this new record.

"Coloured Dream" takes the listener on a colorful and eclectic journey. The compositions arrangements are emotive and yet very clever.

The original arrangement "New Swing"

was honoured with the 

«Downbeat Magazine SMA Award» 

Released on

Rhinoceros Jazz Records

CP A, 2018

«I always felt Pascal was an exceptionally talented Saxophonist, Arranger/Composer and this NO’NET recording proves my point.
All the compositions and arrangements grab your interest immediately. You could not ask for a better group of musicians. [...] I have a couple of favorites, “You My Love”, a beautiful ballad and “Wombat Shuffle”. You will not be disappointed in any of the tracks. I highly recommend this recording.»

— Michael Abene, Grammy Award-winning composer and arranger


The Ensemble

Pascal Uebelhart (CH)

leader / comp, arr / sax

Mario Schenker (CH)

alto sax / flute / clarinet

Nicolas Gurtner (CH)

tenor sax /flute /clarinet

Daniel Affentranger (CH)

baritone sax / bass clarinet

Nolan Quinn (CH)

trumpet / flugelhorn

Lukas Wyss (CH)


Lajos Tóth (HU)


Gustavo Boni (BR)

double bass

Balázs Balogh (HU)



Founded in 2017, NO'NET is the international nine-piece jazz ensemble of Swiss saxophonist, bandleader and composer Pascal Uebelhart.

The first record COLOURED DREAM was released on the Swiss record Label RHINOCEROS JAZZ RECORDS and takes the listener on a colorful and eclectic journey.


NO’NET ist das Jazz-Ensemble des Schweizer Saxophonisten Pascal Uebelhart.
Neun international etablierte Musiker aus der Schweiz, Ungarn und Brasilien bilden den Kern dieses internationalen Nonetts.

Die Band spielt "Melodic Modern Jazz"-Kompositionen und Arrangements aus der Feder des Bandleaders: Intim wie eine Small-Combo – mit dem Klangkorpus einer Big Band.

Stil: Melodic Modern Jazz


Contact / Booking

Pascal Uebelhart

CH-6003 Luzern

+41 78 910 68 22